The following are the graphics-related courses offered by the department. Check the schedule of classes at myUMBC for details

Name Title Description Prerequisites
CMSC 435/634 Introduction to Computer Graphics An introduction to the fundamentals of interactive computer graphics. CMSC 341 and MATH 221
CMSC 491/635 Advanced Computer Graphics Techniques A study of advanced topics in computer graphics emphasizing algorithms for display of 3D objects. CMSC 435/635
CMSC 436/636 Data Visualization This course addresses the theoretical and practical issues in creating visual representations of large amounts of data. CMSC 435/635
CMSC 491/691 Graphics for Games This course is an introduction to some of the computer graphics methods commonly used in 3D computer games. CMSC 435/635
CMSC 491/691 Artistic Rendering A review of the research done in the field of Non-Photorealistic Rendering. CMSC 435/635
CMSC 491/691 Real-time Shading This course covers graphics hardware architecture changes and software techniques, as well as shading algorithms and design strategies. CMSC 435/635